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    Requirements and Helpful Hints for New Owners

    All dogs must be kept on a monthly preventative medication year round for heartworm (carried by mosquitoes.) This medication can be bought at your veterinarian?s office. Your rescue dog has had their yearly shots and must go to the vet at least once a year for a check up and vaccinations.

    We strongly suggest that you take your dog to an obedience class in your area. All dogs have a transition period they must go through when coming to your home; it's up to you to help make that transition go as smoothly as can be. By using a crate, or limiting the dog's area at first; walking the dog through the new house on a lead and introducing them to all he/she will be in contact with will help things go more smoothly.

    If you have other animals (cats, birds, dogs, etc.) MAKE SURE your new dog is on a leash and they understand this is all going to be one big happy family.

    This is a huge commitment if you put the time and effort into it now, you can have a wonderful addition to your family for many years to come.

    Acceptable chew toys: Kong, Nylabones, Sterlized bones We do not recommend rawhides (upsets digestive tract, can become lodged in throat or digestive tract & must be surgically removed, can cause severe constipation or an attack of pancreatitis or bloat). If you must insist on use of Rawhide, MAKE SURE it is made in the USA (others are treated with arsenic) and supervise. As with any other new toy, supervise and if they tear it up or are very aggressive chewers, take it away from your dog. If you have a good MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (dog proof house and yard,) you will have a much happier relationship with your new dog.