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    Home Insructions for Your New Pet

    Keep in mind that there will be an adjustment period for your Labrador to settle into the new home and surroundings. Remember that the transition time will depend a great deal on the dog's background and the amount of previous socialization the dog has had.

    Keep your new Labrador on a leash, unless in a fenced area, until the dog has been obedience trained and will come to you reliably. If you have a fenced yard, keep an eye on your new dog until you are sure that the dog will not try to jump, climb or dig out of the enclosure.

    A crate is almost a must with your new dog until he has proven himself reliable and responsible enough to be left alone in he house or a room of the house without suffering separation anxiety or simple boredom -- possibly destroying your belongings. The crate will also reinforce good housebreaking habits. The crate should be large enough that when the dog stands, there is about a 2" clearance at the shoulders and it should be long enough for the dog to lie down comfortably.

    We encourage you to enroll your dog in a good obedience class, one that uses positive motivational techniques. Working together will build a good rapport between you and your dog. The dog then will become a valuable and enjoyable family member.

    Feed a good quality dog food -- we recommend Eukenuba Large Breed, Hills Science Diet Lg Breed or Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed (Puppy, Maintenance or Senior, depending on the age of your Lab). Do not feed table scraps or let your dog become overweight. Use dog treats sensibly.

    Be sure your dog gets regular exercise. Some will require more exercise than others.

    Keep a buckle or snap collar on your dog with some type of ID (your name, address and phone number) plus a rabies tag, current county license tag and the HomeAgain Microchip Tag that has been provided. Keep the tags on the buckle/snap collar, never on a choke collar. A dog should never be left in a choke collar or prong collar unattended!

    Dogs are required to be kept on a monthly preventative medication year round for the prevention of Heartworm (carried by the mosquito). The dog needs annual vaccination boosters, rabies vaccination according to the laws of your state, and an annual heartworm test. We also recommend annual bordatella vaccine and monthly flea preventative. Failure to do so will violate your contract with LRROC, Inc.

    The next weeks may be a lot of work, but in return you will have years of love and devotion. If you have any questions, need referrals or advice, please e-mail and we will be happy to assist.

    Thank you for rescuing this Labrador Retriever.