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    Our Featured Success Story...


    Jacob's presence as my service dog has been a priceless aid in my fight to overcome the disabling effects of multiple sclerosis. The emotional and spiritual improvements he has brought to our lives are even more significant. Ron and I share an unabashed love for him, and we revel in the unconditional love he shows us.

    Success Stories for Every Potential Adopter to Read

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    Alex came into our lives shortly before we were married. Neither one of us realized what a task we had before us; especially with a wedding upon us. However, looking back now, we realize that he is a wonderful and fulfilling addition to our family.

    Bartlett (aka Bratlett)

    At first, we tried to place Bartlett with a qualified adopter...but my husband and I have decided to keep him instead. He is so dear to our hearts that we did not feel we could part with him! His leg will still need additional orthopedic care, but we are going to let him "grow up" first before deciding if it should be amputated or if it can be repaired to stop the "flopping" of his paw.

    Chaka (aka Gretta)

    This loveable girl has come a long way since January. I have just reread a couple of my past e-mails to you and though I think I sounded upbeat, I think I was more hopeful than anything. I knew she was smart (after all, she did pick me!), she did have a latent dominate personality, though a very loving personality.


    Barclay was our 3rd Labrador to go into the U.S.Customs program! We cannot express how proud we are that Barclay will also be serving our country...


    On Thursday February 6, 2003, we were honored with a visit from Ed Hoisington an officer and instructor with the U.S. Customs Canine Program. The purpose of his visit was to evaluate our rescue Labradors for possible work with the U.S. Customs Department of the United States...


    Carbon is recovering from hip replacement surgery on January 4, 2005. The day before we went to have his surgery, he found 3 ounces of marijuana hidden in a duffle bag inside of a van.

    Paging Dogtor Garrett Garrett

    Hello friends! My name is Garrett and I am a Black Lab about 3 years old. I am currently preparing to take my Delta Society test in a few weeks and become a certified 'dogtor' (which to me is just a license to get petted!). In the meantime my mom, her friend, my Labby girlfriend, and I are visiting the residents of a local nursing home...


    U.S. Customs officer Tim Spittler visited our rescue on July 16, 2003 to test Jax & Rocket. Jax passed with flying colors and was then on his way to Falls Church, Virginia...


    Ripley works about 10-20 hours a week and in any area or condition...wilderness, rubble piles, vacant buildings, in any kind of weather. He lives to work! Sometimes he does get side-tracked if there is a place to swim nearby!


    Rocket was adopted by the Rockcastle County Sheriff's Department for work in bomb and narcotics detection. He is being trained and handled by Sgt. Doug Gregory of the London, KY PD.


    Skooni was described as a a 4-year-old, non-neutered, "Chocolate" male named "Hershey" by his former owners!