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    I am going to post a story that I asked Jenna to write about Alex. I asked her to do so because Alex was a labbie that took a special couple to see that there was actually a very intelligent and wonderful lab hiding under that mischievous face!!! It was a story, much like Chaka's Dad - that proves with perserverence and patience and lots of LOVE - a truly wonderful lifelong companion awaits you. On a bittersweet note - Jenna, Paul & Alex moved to New Hampshire. Although we are very happy for all of them - we truly miss them.

    Alex came into our lives shortly before we were married. Neither one of us realized what a task we had before us; especially with a wedding upon us. However, looking back now, we realize that he is a wonderful and fulfilling addition to our family.

    When we adopted Alex, he was almost one year old and had spent the majority of his life in the kennel. Although the women at Eastgate are wonderful him, Alex was looking for a permanent home.

    We quickly realized that Alex needed obedience in his life in order for him to respect our home, belongings, and most importantly us. He had also shown signs of toy aggression with other dogs and was kicked out of every doggie daycare in the Greater Cincinnati area. In less than 6 months of training, Alex has become quite the star student. He sits, shakes, lies down, stays, comes, heels, and recently is becoming quite agile with the obstacles. We have watched Alex grow and mature as a result of training and we couldn't be happier about it. Alex is quickly realizing who's who in the zoo and treats us with the respect that we treat him with. He is much more aware of his surroundings and respectful to other dogs and their toys as well.

    Before training, it would be an everyday struggle to get Alex in his crate for the day. Not to mention the fact that we had replaced more than 5 crates within a 4 month time frame because he had separation anxiety and would try to escape. After putting discipline in his life, he goes right in on his own and waits for us to shut the door! What a relief! Now he's so comfortable with his crate that we'll actually wake him up when we walk in the door!

    We are definitely advocates of animal rescue (especially the Labby ones). From our experience, we would recommend that you take the time to teach your dog and learn from him or her as well. We have definitely learned a lot from Alex. It has been hard work, adjusting to having a once very spastic dog in our home to now a respectful young lab. With dedication and hard, yet fun work, it's been more than worth it to us. We will definitely adopt another dog once we have the yard room too. And we will be sure to be consistent with our training and disciple so we are all happy!

    We love our Budgie very much and couldn't be happier to have adopted him from Labrador Rescue.

    Paul and Jena S. (and Alex too!!)