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    This loveable girl has come a long way since January. I have just reread a couple of my past e-mails to you and though I think I sounded upbeat, I think I was more hopefull than anything. I knew she was smart (after all, she did pick me!), she did have a latent dominate personality, though a very loving personality.

    I think I know now that a rescue dog can be a challenge. You can't just go and pick out a dog and expect it to work like you've raised it from a pup. You have to LOVE the dog first and work out any problems between you as you go. Sure, some people are lucky and have no problems - good for them! Chaka and I have earned each others respect and love. We are still a "work in progress". She's "most improved", not a saint! She has eaten a shoe, a complete pot of sloppy joe mix, a complete batch of raw noodles, and will sit, stay, and hold while I walk away from her, put a juicy tidbit on the floor, and look at me until I tell her it's ok to get it.

    She has graduated from the crate at night to sleeping with us and the cat in our bedroom. She has adjusted to our life style and we to hers. At the last obedience class, she had every dog (save one) walk by her, and she greeted them all with a tail wag.

    She'll not take any guff from any dog that starts something, and I think she'll protect me with her life, if it comes to that. Ok, so taking her for a walk can be an adventure. I can live with that. We will walk in the dark and the rain before I'll use a prong collar. We will go on to obedience 2 and another class called the family dog.

    I am sure we'll continue to improve and I'll keep in touch. You might see her in the boarding kennel a couple of times in the near future. Please stop in and rub her nose.